Il mio villaggio - testo il lingua inglese

Il mio villaggio - testo il lingua inglese

My village


18,50 Autore: Hansi
Produttore: Floris Books
Disponibilità: in magazzino


There is a little village deep in the countryside of Alsace in France.... To find it, get off the train at a small station decorated with flowers, and walk down a narrow road between some orchards. In the distance, you’ll see the church spire rising above the wheat fields ...
This is not a made-up village—it really exists. It was the village where Jean-Jacques Waltz, known through his books and drawings as “Hansi,” lived, and he loved the place more than any other on Earth. When he wrote My Village, Alsace was occupied by Germany following the Franco-Prussian War, and Hansi used his skills as an illustrator to poke gentle fun at the German authorities.

The beautiful, colorful, and meticulous pictures in this book show Alsatian adults and children in their traditional dress, going about their traditional lives in harmony with their surroundings. They are patriotic, kind, and always smiling, despite their difficult circumstances, and they honor the values handed down through the generations. In contrast, Hansi portrays the Germans as brash and self-indulgent, imposing petty laws on the villagers and trying to impose German culture. Hansi’s satire, however, is always humorous, and the book is a joy throughout. Sharp-eyed readers will enjoy spotting the subtle references in his illustrations. The text is suitable for children from about eight years old, but adults will appreciate it, as well.

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